Mailbox Review: NIV Integrated Study Bible (2/5)

NIV Integrated Study Bible
ed. John R. Kohlenberger III (Zondervan 2014)

Rating: 2/5  (3.5/5 for effort)

The NIV Integrated Study Bible is designed around an intriguing (and probably much wished-for) organizational principle: the sixty-six books of the Bible are reorganized and presented in chronological order to allow the reading of biblical events in the order that they occurred. This is a novel departure from the traditional organization of theNIVISB English Bible, which is arranged largely by subject (i.e. history books, law, wisdom books, prophetic books, gospels, epistles, etc.), and it opens up interesting possibilities for biblical study.

For all the promise of the concept, though, the NIVISB is an imperfect achievement. Continue reading