‘The Brothers K’ as a Constellation in the Wise Child’s Sky

Go ahead, give your kids telescopes.

Consider what happens to people whose night skies are spangled with constellations like The Master of Hestviken, or Moby-Dick, or The Brothers Karamazov. These people Pevear and Volokhonsky, Pen Awardare hard to fool. They are also hard to enlist in pursuit of the trivial and ephemeral. It is as if we had given them a powerful telescope atop a high mountain, and shown them how to use it, and directed their attention to the Orion nebula, and once they had learned to do so and to love the beauty they found there, expected them to look at light bulbs on a marquee. Or, if not a telescope, Continue reading


Short Review: Graham Greene, A Life in Letters

A short review of Graham Greene–A Life in Letters, ed. by Richard Greene:

I’ll tell anyone who asks that a vital part of being a well-rounded reader is reading biographies, and in some cases a well-edited collection of personal correspondence can be just as insightfulcover art richard greene no relation and informative as a traditional biography. That is very much the case with this book. Richard Greene (no relation) has very effectively selected and arranged the letters most representative of Greene’s relationships, character, and personal shifts.

Greene’s letters are a thoroughgoing testament to his literary brilliance, and a wrenching diary of his struggle to Continue reading

Short Review: Orient Express

A short review of Graham Greene’s Orient Express (aka Stamboul Train in UK):

Graham Greene Stamboul Train cover art penguin publishing

Greene wrote in one introduction to the book, “for the first and last time in my life I deliberately set out to write a book to please, one which with luck might be made into a film.” He succeeded, and Stamboul Train/Orient Express established him as a novelist. It is a satisfying”entertainment” that uses the train setting Continue reading

Some Unmissable C.S. Lewis Bargains

I usually don’t bother blogging these tips, but over a dozen C.S. Lewis ebooks are on sale over at Amazon–all $2.99–and considering the selection, it seemed worth the ink.

Some of the gems among the discounted works:
C.S. Lewis on stories and other essays on literature

On Stories: And Other Essays On Literature

C.S. Lewis e-book, free till we have faces

Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

C.S. Lewis reflections on the psalms discount e-book

Reflections On The Psalms

The other sale titles: Continue reading