Short Review: Graham Greene, A Life in Letters

A short review of Graham Greene–A Life in Letters, ed. by Richard Greene:

I’ll tell anyone who asks that a vital part of being a well-rounded reader is reading biographies, and in some cases a well-edited collection of personal correspondence can be just as insightfulcover art richard greene no relation and informative as a traditional biography. That is very much the case with this book. Richard Greene (no relation) has very effectively selected and arranged the letters most representative of Greene’s relationships, character, and personal shifts.

Greene’s letters are a thoroughgoing testament to his literary brilliance, and a wrenching diary of his struggle to love and trust the Lord more than himself–a battle he was not always winning. Greene quoted Charles Peguy in the epigraph to The Heart of the Matter: “The sinner is at the very heart of Christianity. . . . No one is as competent as the sinner in Christian affairs. No one, except the saint.” But it may have been Peguy’s next line that best explained Greene: “And in principle they are the same man.”


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